The Guitar Show – Birmingham – 2018

I’ve never been to a guitar show before so had little idea what to expect. The answer to that is a mixture of guitar store and a jumble sale.  What I wasn’t prepared for was the noise, I don’t like crowds too and whilst some bits were chockablock you were able to chart an irregular course around.

Before going I’d made a list of who I wanted to visit and managed to hit most of them – some just were nowhere to be seen. They might have been cohabiting with another exhibitor – but were not on the plan.

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Visit to Dawsons in Reading

 It’s about 20 years since I’ve even set foot in a music shop of any size, so a trip to Dawsons in Reading was a matter of some excitement to me. I’ve spent years looking on music shop websites, such as the Dawsons one and the Andertons one, and GAK and Thomman and many more.

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