Behringer iAXE 393

For a long time I’ve been waiting patiently to see if I could get an electric guitar for at most £20, then see if I could do it up and have it for the kids to play with.  eBay eventually delivered and a Behringer iAXE 393 is what I ended up with!

Pleasingly it’s not actually all that bad, £20 or otherwise.  I had to do some fret levelling and that’s about it. The neck is “papery”, but I’d prefer that to a heavy lacquer.

I’ve done two videos (at the end of this page, one with a play through an done about recording).  I’m a bit reluctant to let the kids have it 🙂

Future upgrades)

  • Conversion to hard tail. I don’t like the tremolo and the screws dig into my hand anyway.
  • Pickup upgrade. I’ll look to see how it’s routed, I might got for an HSS config. Otherwise, I’m all about the purple Seymour Duncan Invaders I’ve seen.
  • White tiger stripes.  Inspired by the George Lynch ESP tiger and the Kramer tiger guitars, but in black and white.