Chris Learns Guitar – Week 5

Chris Learns Guitar

This was a quick lesson and a quick video about it featuring three simple licks or riffs. Simple, but easy to get so wrong. I also neglected the actual recorded sound in the video too! But I don’t want to go editing all that again now.  The video in question is from MorganLovesMusic and is called 3 Easy Guitar Licks Anyone Can Play.

The three licks are based on what he plays, but not quite exact. Because this is how I enjoyed playing them.

Lick #1

G ------5-7/8\7-5-------5-7-5-
D --5-7------------5-7--------

G ------5-7/8\7-5-------------
D --5-7--------------5--7-----

Lick #2

e -----5-7b--------5-7b7b7b7b7b-5---
B -5-7--------5-7-----------------7-

Lick #3

G -0-2h-0----------------0-
D ---------0-2h-0-----0--0-
A ----------------1/2----2-
E -----------------------3-

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