Chris Learns Guitar – Week 6

Chris Learns Guitar

So I took the plunge this week and decided to learn an entire song. I spent a while wondering what that song should be, something that was well within my grasp and as if my magic Nirvana started playing Molly’s Lips on my car stereo.

Now, it’s less of a cover version of the Nirvana version and NOTHING like the original by the Vaselines. It’s more of an interpretation, especially where the strumming pattern came into it. Neither me, any videos I saw on YouTube nor any guitar tab could agree with how it should strum. So I went with what was comfortable. Also, I guess, the melody wasn’t in the original either! 🙂

The biggest surprise was the stamina that was lacking in my puny hands! I’ve previously just widdled away at nonsense or just played small focused riffs. I had no idea how much more effort was required to keep playing, even for a couple of minutes.

I normally put tabs in here, it’s just strumming away at G then C. I’m sure you can work it out from there!

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