New finish, paint job and a pickguard – Yamaha Pacifica 120SD (tele style) – 09


Hi, this is an update on the Yamaha Pacifica 120SD.

After all the previous working including lots of pointless knob. The cavity fill and sanding I’ve decided that I want to spruce it up a bit. It was looking like a really bad deliberate relic job.

Plus, look at athat wiring!

So that all had to come out, and I removed the knobs and switches.

Became reaquanted with my old friend the LEGO plate for height adjustment.

I took a photo of the Yahama bit on the body, because that will disapear under the sanding and paint.

Then I wondered how best to fill the holes where the switches went. It had to be something thin… a yes, a plectrum that I never use 🙂

Bang out the ferrules then start to fill all the dents and knocks and that stupid burn

With everything smoothed off here comes the first coat of paint! Oh yes, it’s Dulux home emulsion paint! I’m not worried too much about durability, I doubt this’ll be the last time I toy with the guitar

After a couple of coats it looks really good. You can’t even see where the contol holes used to be.

Or indeed that it had two pickup cavities.

Side project, I thought I’d polish up the frets with some fine wire wool, the difference is amazing!

I decided that it looked a bit bare and could do with a pick guard. Hoping for the best I got one for a Fender Esquire. It fits the neck pocket, but is way too fat for the horn.

So I cut out from cardboard, but this soon became too difficult to manipulate, so found some card which did the job nicely.

Now for the utterly terrifying job of cutting it. Lacking a fretsaw I attacked it with a dremel, closely sandwiched between two bits of wood.

After sanding down, the straight edge turned out well!

Onto the curve with trepidation I very roughly cut near to the lines, the plastic melting more than cutting.

Then using a barrel sand attachment, worked it down even closer.

The proceeded to finish it by hand… stabbing myself with the corner of the guard in the process!

But the final piece is done and I’m happy with it, the top curve could swoop more. But that’s ok for a first attempt.

Now I’m just waiting for a delivery of electronics from All Parts (the uk branch had to order from the US for me).

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