The Cheapest Guitar Body on Amazon and eBay (Shite-o-caster, part 2)


Part 2 of the shite-o-caster build, it’s the cheapest body I could find new. Just £20 (about 22 Euros or 27 dollars)

Often listed as “Wood type electric guitar accessories ST electric guitar barrel material maple guitar barrel body”

I wasn’t expecting much, in fact some of the reviews were damning, so I was actually pleasantly surprised and will be happily using this in my guitar build.

It’s certainly not without faults, there’s tear-through in the body of the wood, there’s glue infused in the wood which hampers stain take up and paulownia isn’t the most solid of timbers 🙂

The next video will be treating and finishing the body.

Amazon UK links*

I got the SODIAL one, but the pictures look identical.

* These are affiliate links. But this is the body in the video that I purchased myself before I even considered the idea of an affiliate link.



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