The Cheapest Guitar Body on Amazon and eBay (Shite-o-caster, part 2)


Part 2 of the shite-o-caster build, it’s the cheapest body I could find new. Just £20 (about 22 Euros or 27 dollars)

Often listed as “Wood type electric guitar accessories ST electric guitar barrel material maple guitar barrel body”

I wasn’t expecting much, in fact some of the reviews were damning, so I was actually pleasantly surprised and will be happily using this in my guitar build.

It’s certainly not without faults, there’s tear-through in the body of the wood, there’s glue infused in the wood which hampers stain take up and paulownia isn’t the most solid of timbers 🙂

The next video will be treating and finishing the body.

Amazon UK links*

I got the SODIAL one, but the pictures look identical.

* These are affiliate links. But this is the body in the video that I purchased myself before I even considered the idea of an affiliate link.



Part 1 – It started with a neck – Shite-o-caster


I’ve decided to build a guitar and to do it on the cheap, but hopefully come up with something still playable. I thought it would be more fun to buy things separately rather than get a kit because I already had a neck. This recording is the 4th or 5th take… and even this was almost had to be abandoned due to a passing aeroplane. So yeah, essentially I’m building a partscaster or partocaster!



Behringer iAxe 393 output test review


At the end of talking about the Behringer iAxe 393 previously I realised that I’d recorded the entire thing on my Focusrite 2i2 and not using the USB built into the guitar… which is the main feature of the guitar.

Ho ho. So this is a quick run through of some sounds, using the Guitar Rig 5 software to both amplify and record. Thanks for stopping by!


Behringer iAXE 393 review with added Iron Maiden (“week” 12)

Chris Learns Guitar, Guitars

So I got this guitar, almost by accident by putting a speculative bid down… it turns out I won. I do like this guitar but it’s not without faults, as we’ll see.

I decided that as I’m still trying to learn I’d do a few intros from Number of the Beast by Iron Maiden, which are:

  • Invaders
  • The Prisoner
  • 22 Acacia Avenue
  • The Number of the Beast
  • Run to the Hills
  • Gangland
  • Hallowed be thy Name

I don’t claim them to be accurate renditions. Just something to get me playing. The influence being that the Iron Maiden guitarists (all EIGHT THOUSAND of them) all use S shaped guitars (although none entirely with single coils) Also, I forgot to even try the USB part of the guitar. Which for a USB guitar is a bit of an oversight 🙂

08 – Holes and knobs – Yamaha Pacifica 120SD (tele style)


This is a quick video to keep the videos up to date.

First, I’ve finished filling and levelling the top pickup cavity and hopefully this is solid now.

Secondly, Some switches

1) Switching the direction of the wires from the single coil in the hope of making the pick up more POWERFUL when both are enabled. It didn’t work.

2) A coil split on the rails. Which works bit it ultimately pointless when there’s a perfectly functional single coil here!

3) Kill switch. Because: Kill switch! That’s it.

Squier Bullet vs Affinity vs Standard Stratocasters (2017)


I’m making this post for my own benefit as much as for anyone else.  I get confused over which is which in the model line up. Some brands try to make it easier – one day I WILL decode the Pacifica numbering – but with names it’s less easy. Especially when they are so close in price that a variance between shops can put a lesser model at the same price as a higher one.